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Now that we are done making and moving disks, there is a little clean-up. The registry still believes that we installed NT from the D: drive. We just moved the CD-ROM to the E: drive. We need to clean up this little mess or we will keep getting dialogs as we reconfigure NT and it needs little bits of information off the CD. It just means that we need to use Browse each time. But this is inconvenient. And it gives us a good excuse to use regedit.

Warning: Regedit is the system administrator's friend and enemy. It is the entire configuration of NT - so you can fix anything or break anything. So be careful.

To run RegEdit, use Start | Run | regedit | OK.

P.S. If we had formatted our new disk space as E:, we would not have to do this step. Later in another exercise we will show a different technique for creating the C and D drives.